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  • GAF Timberline HD Barkwood

    GAF Timberline HD Birchwood

    GAF Timberline HD Charcoal

    GAF Timberline HD Driftwood

    GAF Timberline HD Hickory

    GAF Timberline HD Hunter Green

    GAF Timberline HD Pewter Gray

    GAF Timberline HD Shakewood

    GAF Timberline -   HD Slate

    GAF Timberline HD Weathered Wood

    GAF Timberline HD White

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Autumn Brown

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Charcoal

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Golden Cedar

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Nickel Gray

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Silver Lining

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. Weathered Gray

    GAF 3-Tab Royal Sov. White

    TAMKO Heritage Series Black Walnut

    TAMKO Heritage Series Desert Sand

    TAMKO Heritage Series Driftwood

    TAMKO Heritage Series Glacier White

    TAMKO Heritage Series Natural Timber

    TAMKO Heritage Series Olde English Pewter

    TAMKO Heritage Series Oxford Grey

    TAMKO Heritage Series Rustic Black

    TAMKO Heritage Series Rustic Cedar

    TAMKO Heritage Series Rustic Evergreen

    TAMKO Heritage Series Rustic Hickory

    TAMKO Heritage Series Shadow Grey

    TAMKO Heritage Series Thunderstorm Grey

    TAMKO Heritage Series Weathered Wood

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Antique Slate

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Rustic Black

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Rustic Cedar

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Rustic Hickory

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Rustic Redwood

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Tweed Blend

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series Weathered Wood

    TAMKO 3-Tab Series White

    CertainTeed Atlantic Blue

    CertainTeed Burnt Sienna

    CertainTeed Charcoal Black

    CertainTeed Cobblestone Gray

    CertainTeed Colonial Slate

    CertainTeed Cottage Red

    CertainTeed -       Driftwood

    CertainTeed Georgetown Gray

    CertainTeed Heather Blend

    CertainTeed Hunter Green

    CertainTeed -           Mist White

    CertainTeed -         Moire Black

    CertainTeed -       Mojave Tan

    CertainTeed -       Pewter

    CertainTeed Resawn Shake

    CertainTeed -         Silver Birch

    CertainTeed Sunrise Cedar

    CertainTeed Weathered Wood